Gift cards are the second best thing to cash when it comes to getting gifts.  Unfortunately, whoever gives you the gift sometimes misses the mark and you end up with money to a store you don’t shop at.  You’re not out of luck, yet!  At North Scottsdale Loan and Gold, we’re happy to be Scottsdale’s number one gift card buyer.  We’ll happily pay cash for whatever gift cards you have on hand allowing you to shop wherever your heart desires.  The process is short, sweet, and can take as little as a few minutes no matter if you’re from Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Tempe.


Selling Gift Cards

In order to sell gift cards to our Scottsdale pawn shop, there’s a few requirements.  The vast majority of gift cards these days come with a scratchable foil on the back concealing a PIN number that is necessary to use it.  In order to be your gift card buyer, this foil needs to be unscratched when you bring it into our store.  This is the one and only security measure we have to ensure that the balance on the card is not spent before we pay out for it, so it’s the most important thing to consider when selling gift cards.

Secondly, some stores we’re simply unable to purchase gift cards from.  This can be for a multitude of reasons – they don’t have the scratchable foil on the back, a generous refund policy, or they’re just high in fraud for whatever reason.  The best thing you can do is to check in with our Scottsdale pawn shop on the type and quantity of gift cards you have to ensure everything is in order, and there are no hold ups to putting cash into your pocket.

Thankfully, this is about it as far as requirements go to sell your gift cards!  At North Scottsdale Loan and Gold, we want to enable as many customers as possible to turn their gift cards into cash as quickly and safely as possible.  Any customer from Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Tempe can get cash in as little as a few minutes at North Scottsdale Loan and Gold seven days a week.


Get Started!

If you’ve got gift cards to sell, then delay no more!  Reach out to our Scottsdale pawn shop today by either using our live chat at the bottom of the screen, or giving us a call.  We’ll happily go through the process with you, ensure that we can get you cash for your gift cards, and have the paperwork all ready to go to get you in and out of the door as fast as possible.  We’ve been Scottsdale’s top gift card buyer for nearly a decade, and pay the most cash for gift cards in the Valley of the Sun.  Give us a call now if you’ve got gift cards to sell, and we’ll help you get on your way with cash in hand.

So what’re you waiting for?