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North Scottsdale Loan & Gold Pawn Valuable Coins

Many of us seem to think that the value in coins lies in its rarity, or if it’s antique.  The reality is that the coin market is actually more heavily based on gold coins and silver coins, than it is on just antique or old coins.  Some antique or old coins can definitely be worth cash, but mostly gold and silver coins are the ones that are easy to get fast cash.  Here at North Scottsdale Loan & Gold, you can get fast cash by pawning all kinds of coins: gold coins, silver coins, or even old coins.


The differences between these coins, and truly understanding the value of your coin, lies in whether it has numismatic value, or whether it just has bullion value.  The difference is what I talked about up above; numismatic coins are old/antique, and have rarity value whereas bullion coins are just worth their weight in the gold or silver that make them up.  If you have a coin that you feel like may have numismatic value, or bullion value, bring it in to North Scottsdale Loan and Gold for a free and quick valuation and quote.

How Do I Pawn My Valuable Coins?

First and foremost, North Scottsdale Loan and Gold has been serving the areas of Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Tempe for over a decade, and has worked the hardest to make sure our customers are getting the most cash, and the fair value for their items, especially when it comes to gold and silver coins.  We pride ourselves on serving our customers, and will always do everything in our power to meet your financial needs.


Now that that’s out of the way, pawning gold and silver coins is a quick and easy process very similar to a loan you might have on your car, or on your house from the bank, but with less repercussions.  These are done via what’s called a pawn loan, a loan commonly referred to as a collateral loan.  In a loan like this, your coins are used as collateral in lieu of repayment.  If you cannot repay the loan, there’s no other repercussions other than not getting your coins back.  We are NOT in the business of taking customer’s items, we’re in the business of helping with their financial needs.  We will always work with you if there is extenuating circumstances.

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When you decide to pawn your gold and silver coins, you can either give us a call, use our chat feature, or just stop on by to our store without an appointment.  The cash valuation we will give you will be based on the percentage of gold and silver, or the numismatic value of the coin.  Should you accept our cash offer, we’ll just collect a few signatures from you, and send you on your way with fast cash.  For more in depth information on pawn loans, you can visit our blog here.


North Scottsdale Loan and Gold has been proudly serving the valley for over a decade in the areas of Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, and Paradise Valley, and is always doing its most to ensure its customers are getting the most cash, but also getting the most support they can in times of need.

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