It’s no secret that the state of the economy is the best it’s been in what seems like many, many decades.  Particularly with the thought of a recession fresh in everyone’s minds, it’s a breath of fresh air to have a market that’s ready to insulate the world from whatever tragedy may strike it.  One way or another, however, financial situations out of are control can strike at any moment and it can be impossible to get the money you need in these moments.  Every traditional financial instrument can take days if not weeks to secure funds, and require an application and an intense look into your life.  North Scottsdale Loan and Gold can help you skip this invasive process and cut that time down to as little as five minutes.  If you find yourself in financial need and you’ve got diamond jewelry, then come pawn it in Phoenix, Tempe, or Scottsdale and get your cash instantly.


The Nature of Our Pawn Loans

When pawning diamond jewelry, you’re entering into a type of loan that has been an instrumental financial tool since the beginning of money: a collateral loan.  In the past, there was no three-digit credit score that encompassed an individual’s entire life and could tell a lender whether they might be a safe bet or not.  The only safe way to lend money to any stranger off the street was to hold on to something of value of his.  Today, getting money is easier than ever so these have fallen into the dark, but there still truly is no faster way to go from zero to thousands of dollars in mere minutes in Scottsdale or Phoenix.

The beauty in pawning diamond jewelry is that with as little as one piece of jewelry that you may not even wear anymore, we can solve all of our financial troubles in mere minutes.  The best part is we have no concern whatsoever for the finer details of your life.  You can keep things like your income, credit score, and whatever other sensitive information banks usually ask for private.  The only factor that influences the amount of your pawn loan is the value of your jewelry.  Just by possessing diamonds or gold, you can put hundreds of dollars right into your pocket.  Pawning diamond jewelry can take as little as a few minutes and put your stress to rest.


Your Diamonds Are Safe and Secure

All jewelry pawn loans are written out for a period of ninety days.  During that time, your jewelry will sit untouched in a protected bag inside our safe, secured, and monitored safe to ensure its protection.  When you come back to North Scottsdale Loan and Gold to pick up your diamond jewelry, we’ll return it in the exact same state you left it.  There’s a level of trust we know our customers put in us when they leave their precious possessions in our hands, and there is nothing more important than ensuring we don’t violate that trust.

Come get a free quote on pawning your diamond jewelry at North Scottsdale Loan and Gold today!

So what’re you waiting for?