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North Scottsdale Loan and Gold has been the premiere place to sell diamond jewelry for well over a decade in Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale.  Our expertly trained associates have been buying diamond jewelry for far longer than that making them true experts at the valuation of diamond rings, diamond earrings, and diamonds in general.  The appropriate valuation of diamond jewelry is perhaps the most important step in the entire process as a proper valuation leads you to a more accurate selling price.  Other jewelers and pawn shops simply use outdated and inaccurate books to evaluate jewelry instead of taking the time, patience and skill to look at each and every important aspect of the diamond jewelry.

Our employees were trained by GIA certified professionals that have spent their entire lives working with diamonds.  When selling diamond jewelry, we're the only pawn shop to turn to.  Let's look at the valuation process.

The Valuation Process: The Most Important Step in the Selling Process

When coming up with an accurate value for diamond jewelry, there's many different aspects to look for.  First and foremost, any original documentation that you might have with the ring such as the box, receipt, paperwork, and even  GIA certification can help immensely in getting you the best and most accurate price for your diamond jewelry.  When you bring your diamond jewelry down to North Scottsdale Loan and Gold, our associate will be inspecting it for the four C's: Cut, color, clarity, and carat.

The cut is the easiest to determine.  This is just what shape the diamond is in, and this can make the cash value of the jewelry piece swing wildly.  Typically, you'll find Emerald cuts at the bottom of this spectrum and Round Brilliants at the top.  You can refer to this chart if you're curious about the different cuts and what they look like.

The next is going to be the color.  While diamonds come in different colors, for your traditional diamonds its really looking at where it stands between a brown and a "clear" diamond.  This isn't to be confused with clarity, however,. it's strictly about identifying where it lands on the color spectrum.  The more clear, or whitish, the diamond the more valuable traditionally.

The second most important aspect in this process is looking at clarity.  This has to do with blemishes on the face of the diamond, any inclusions inside the ring (these would be chips or defects located within the stone), or if there have been any attempts to repair the stone in the past meaning that you can see a path into the stone.  This is usually done with a loupe which is a kind of magnification device that lets us see inside the ring.

The last C is, of course, the most important: carat.  This is the size of the ring, not necessarily determined by its weight but actual size.  This includes the length, the kind of cut it is, and depth.  Unlike other precious metals or stones, diamonds are not quantified by their weight but by their overall size.

With all this in mind, we'll come up with a cash value for your diamonds and calculate the price of the other precious metals in the jewelry.  This means if the diamond is in silver, gold, or platinum, we value that separately and add it to his number.  If you want information on how that works, click on one of the metals for more information on it.

Our attention to detail is why North Scottsdale Loan and Gold is the only place in Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale worth selling your diamond jewelry to.  We ensure to the best of our ability that you're getting each and every dollar that you deserve.



Selling Diamonds - The Three Step Process

The appraisal portion of the selling process is obviously the most important part.  The more your wedding ring appraises for the more cash we can give you for your wedding ring.  The appraisal is typically made up of two portions: evaluating the worth of your diamond, and evaluating the worth of the precious metal it's encased in.  Many of us are led to believe that the worth of our wedding ring is solely based on the diamond.  While in the majority of cases, the wedding ring makes up the bulk of the value of the ring, it is far from the truth.  The metal that holds the diamond in place in wedding rings is known as a setting, and this is made up of what we call a precious metal (gold, silver, or platinum).  The value of your ring is made up of each of these appraisals added together.  Visiting North Scottsdale Loan and Gold you ensure you're getting the maximum value for your ring and its parts as most pawn shops may only value the diamond.  Let's look at how this works.

Appraising the diamond is the lengthiest portion of the entire appraisal process, and the one that requires a true expert's touch in order to truly get its full value.  Many pawn shops, lacking this expertise, are afraid of missing many of the finer details so undercut the cash value to avoid losing money.  Having decades of expertise, we're able to properly appraise these diamonds to get you the most cash.


The Final Step: The Selling Process

With all of this information in mind, we'll make you a cold, hard cash offer on the spot.  This is the exact dollar amount you'll walk out of our store with.  When you accept (which you'd be crazy not to as we pay the highest in town, guaranteed!) we'll collect a few signatures, take possession of your diamond jewelry, and send you off on your way with the thousands of dollars that you need.

Come visit our North Scottsdale Loan and Gold location today for a free quote on your diamond earrings, diamond rings, diamond bracelets, or just diamonds in general.

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