Sell Diamond Wedding Rings in Scottsdale

Sell Wedding Rings for Cash!


Wedding rings are meant to be lifetime diamond possessions.  This means decades, and decades with the same ol’ ring on our finger.  But realistically, how many items in life do we actually keep an item for a few decades?  I can’t keep of anything in our household that stays around for 30, 40, even 50 years, can you?  When it’s time to upgrade to something new, sell wedding rings for cash at North Scottsdale Loan and Gold!  We know diamonds depreciate, but other pawn shops and jewelers would lead you to believe that they depreciate in the magnitude of tens of thousands of dollars.  That’s simply not true, and when you’re selling your wedding ring you have many people simply trying to take advantage of you, or simply untrained associates who are inexperienced with diamond rings.  If you’re looking to sell your wedding ring in Tempe, Phoenix, or Scottsdale, you should come to the people with decades of experience: North Scottsdale Loan and Gold.  Let’s take a closer look at the process of selling wedding rings.


Selling Diamonds – The Three Step Process


The appraisal portion of the selling process is obviously the most important part.  The more your wedding ring appraises for the more cash we can give you for your wedding ring.  The appraisal is typically made up of two portions: evaluating the worth of your diamond, and evaluating the worth of the precious metal it’s encased in.  Many of us are led to believe that the worth of our wedding ring is solely based on the diamond.  While in the majority of cases, the wedding ring makes up the bulk of the value of the ring, it is far from the truth.  The metal that holds the diamond in place in wedding rings is known as a setting, and this is made up of what we call a precious metal (gold, silver, or platinum).  The value of your ring is made up of each of these appraisals added together.  Visiting North Scottsdale Loan and Gold you ensure you’re getting the maximum value for your ring and its parts as most pawn shops may only value the diamond.  Let’s look at how this works.

Appraising the diamond is the lengthiest portion of the entire appraisal process, and the one that requires a true expert’s touch in order to truly get its full value.  Many pawn shops, lacking this expertise, are afraid of missing many of the finer details so undercut the cash value to avoid losing money.  Having decades of expertise, we’re able to properly appraise these diamonds to get you the most cash.

The Four C’s

When appraising a diamond, we’re looking for the four defining aspects of a diamond ring: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.  Each of these have varying degrees of value for your ring.  Let’s start by looking at cut.  The cut of a wedding ring is what shape the diamond was actually cut into.  In this day and age, the vast majority of wedding rings will see a Round Brilliant cut as this is what the greater populous has come to know and love.  However, there are also many different cuts like Emerald, Princess, Marquise, and Pear.  Customers typically don’t have to worry about this reducing the value of their ring as it’ll probably be the first two.

The next criteria we’ll look at is color.  Have you ever looked at something and wondered: ius that white or is it beige?  And the longer you stare at it the more difficult the question becomes?  This is similar to evaluating the color of a diamond — is it clear or does it have some kind of yellow tint to it?  The majority of diamonds in our wedding rings will appear clear, but in reality can be something very different.  This is what we mean when we say color.  As an interesting fact, diamonds also come in just about every color under the rainbow too.  You can find them in blue, yellow, brown, and even purple, but this is not what you’ll find in a wedding ring.

Our third criteria to be looked at is the Clarity of the diamond.  Many people get confused between the difference of Clarity and Color, but it’s a very important difference.  Clarity is more concerned with the overall quality of the diamond, how clear is the stone.  This is the part where we look for exclusions (these are blemishes/scratches on the exterior of the stone) and inclusions (internal fracturing, defects, signs of previous attempts to repair).

The last and most important criteria is Carat.  This is one the majority of us are familiar with as it’s the size/weight of the stone.  When you hear people estimating the carat size of a diamond inside of a ring, think about the difficulty of trying to weigh a diamond when it’s trapped inside of a ring.  It’s near impossible.  Estimating accurate carat size can get complicated as you must take into consideration the cut of the diamond and its overall depth.  Only a true expert can correctly estimate the carat size to give you a correct estimation which is why you should only trust North Scottsdale Loan and Gold when selling a wedding ring.


Precious Metals

Every wedding ring, as discussed above, is going to be embedded in a precious metal such as gold, silver, or platinum which has to be appraised separately from the diamonds.  Without going into a ton of detail, the value of these depends entirely on the weight of it as well as its purity.  To verify this, an acid test is performed that doesn’t damage the ring, as well as weighing the ring as a whole.  The reason we value the diamond first is so that we can subtract it out from the total weight of the ring.  This allows us to accurately gauge the correct amount of gold, silver, and platinum in the ring.  This is then added to the weight of your diamond to make your complete, final cash offer!  Only North Scottsdale Loan and Gold puts this level of care when selling wedding rings in Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale.


The Final Step: Getting Your Cash

Once all of this is done (while it might look long, it honestly can be less than a ten minute process), we’re ready to pay you out.  We’ll give you your cash offer and when you accept it, we collect a few signatures, take your wedding ring into the back of our pawn shop, and send you on your way with thousands of dollars in hand.  This is the option we suggest to all our customers hoping to sell wedding rings as we’re able to give you more cash credit towards a new ring than if we were to just pay you cash.


Upgrade Your Wedding Ring

One option that North Scottsdale Loan and Gold is bringing to its customers is the option to upgrade your wedding ring.  Selling wedding rings is not necessarily always the most popular option, nor necessary, but maybe you just want to upgrade your diamond ring.  We have an incredibly wide selection of jewelry to choose from, and with this option you can even upgrade your wedding ring.  Just bring your wedding ring on down to North Scottsdale Loan and Gold

So what’re you waiting for?  Only North Scottsdale Loan and Gold takes the appropriate time and care to make sure its customers get the cash they need and deserve when selling wedding rings.  If you’re in Phoenix, Tempe, or Scottsdale, there’s only one place you should turn and that’s us.