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We often forget about the valuables we have around the house. They can be the source of income when we’re in times of financial need.  When we’re truly at the end of our rope, the last place we want to run to is the bank. This is because they would possibly take from us the most important item we have: our home.  So what is there to do when we’re at this point?  A sound choice can be Boat Title Loans.  During most of the year here in beautiful Arizona, our boats just sit in our driveway or in our backyard. In doing so, they're collecting dust.  So when we’re truly in times of financial despair, North Scottsdale Loan and Gold has stepped in to solve these problems using an item most of us have: a boat.

 A boat title loan is a very simple pawn process. It can take as little as fifteen minutes.  In that time, you can possibly get the amount of cash to solve your immediate cash needs.  All of this comes simply from your boat.  Yet, a lot of us don’t feel selling is an option.  Although, putting your boat up temporarily, to get the cash needed, is plausible. 

In addition, there is no need to worry about your boat.  We keep it safe and will return it to you in the same condition we received it in.  For the duration of the loan, your boat will be safely kept in one of our secure storage facilities. Once the loan is satisfied, we return your property directly to you.



How Do Boat Title Loans Work?

A boat title loan is a very simple process that poses little risk to you, especially for meeting your fast cash needs.  The way it works is you use your boat as collateral against the loan.  Therefore, you can get the cash you need, and we have coverage securing the amount we loaned.  The process truly takes mere minutes, as long as you bring the boat into us.

When you bring your boat into our store, an associate will look at the boat and begin the appraisal.  Therefore, we base it on its year, the make & model, and the overall condition of the boat.  In addition, we like to ask for is a spare key, and also some sort of proof of income.  If you can provide these two pieces of information, we have a great chance of giving you an even better cash offer for boat title loans.  After that, we refer to the Kelley Blue Book to see its resale value. 

Once all that is said and done, we present a cash offer to you for a loan.  Whether or not are cash offer is accepted is completely up to you.

Upon accepting our offer, we just need a few signatures and ID from you.   In the end, you could have the thousands you need, that same day!  We will keep your boat safe and secure in a storage facility until the loan is satisfied.  

All of our boat title loans are done through Phoenix Title Loans, LLC, and they can be found here.




Connect With An Associate for an Estimate


Click on the bottom right of the screen to contact an assistant via live-chat.  A staff member can answer your questions and start the paperwork on-line.  The associate will need you to send a few pictures of your boat and answer some questions.  You can even lessen the time by starting the paperwork before you arrive at our location with your boat.    

North Scottsdale Loan and Gold has been proudly serving the areas of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, and Paradise Valley. For over a decade, we are ensuring that our customers are getting the most fast cash for their dollar. That is why we are here to help customers in their times of need.

Is Pawning My Boat the Same as a Boat Title Loan?

The short answer is yes!  A pawn loan on a boat is no different from a boat title loan, but the term that the majority of us will be familiar with is boat title loans.  This is because we know what an auto title loan is, but you can rest assured that there is no real difference between these two kinds of loans that we offer in Scottsdale.


Pawn Loans

A Pawn Loan is the same as a Collateral Loan.  Since boats don't have titles the same way that vehicles or cars do, the loan can't be written out the same.  All this means is that we hold on to the boat in our safe, storage facility just in case of nonpayment of the loan.  Everything else, including the loan terms, your interest rate, your monthly payments, are still the exact same as a traditional title loan.

So Pawn your Boat today!  You can get cash in mere minutes in Scottsdale, Tempe, or Phoenix for your boat.  Don't delay, get cash for your boat today!

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