For Classic Cars, or Collector Cars, Fast Cash Can Be Yours at North Scottsdale Loan and Gold!

The tough thing about being an investor in a classic car, or in a collectible car, is coming up with a resell value.  We buy cars like these because we’re passionate about them, they are our pride and joy!  There is no consideration about how much you can get for it, because we plan to keep them forever.  However, when that day of financial disparity stares us down, we understand that what we love is and always was an investment.  Here at North Scottsdale Loan and Gold, we care about both these collector cars, and the people in our community.  Therefore, we don’t want you to have to part your precious classic car.  Therefore, we are proud to offer Classic Car Title Loans.


Our classic car title loans, are a product we designed to not let people lose their beloved collectible cars.  We can get you the thousands and thousands of dollars in cash, without forsaking your pride and joy.  This is done via a simple collector car title loan.


How Does A Collector Car Title Loan Work?

A collector car title loan is extremely simple, and can be finished and completed in a mere 15 minutes.  In addition, allowing you to drive away in your classic car, but now with the fast cash you needed.  The process starts with you either contacting us at Phoenix Title Loans, LLC,, or connect with an associate via live-chat.  To clarify, after we get the answers to some basic questions & pics of the car, we can offer a quick estimate on-line.  Likewise, if you come down in person, we will have a cash offer in minutes.

Once you arrive, a staff member will do a walk around of your car so that we can generate an appraisal for you.  This involves considering the condition of the car, mileage it has, and refer to the Blue Book value.  After that, with a few more pieces of information from you, we will present our offer. 


Items That Can Increase the Cash & Lower the Interest Rate

Most importantly, the two most helpful pieces of information you can provide us are a spare key, and a current proof of income.  The proof of income, is the most important piece of information you can provide us.  These allows us to feel confident in the loan if you have some kind of income.  In addition, it may even allow us to make a collector car title loan for even more cash than we might have originally!  Moreover, once you accept our cash offer, we will collect a few signatures from you, and count out the cash to you!  In the end, we'll send you away in your collector car with your thousands of dollars in fast cash just like that.


North Scottsdale Loan and Gold has been proudly serving the areas of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, and Paradise Valley for over a decade ensuring our customers get the most cash from our pawn shop.

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