Diamond's are always in high demand.  They are sought for their beauty along with their intrinsic value.  North Scottsdale Loan & Gold strives to offer the most cash around for secured diamond loans.


How Do Diamond Loans Work?


You simply bring us your diamond, we will examine it and give you a price. If  you agree, you will receive cash in minutes. All diamond loans are made on a 90-day term to begin with. If at the end of the initial 90 days you wish to redeem your diamond, you must pay the principal amount as well as the interest accumulated. There is no fee to pick your diamond early. If you wish to make an extension on your redemption date you must simply pay the interest at the end of the 90 days in order to acquire an additional 90 day term.  If you can’t pay back the diamond loan in full at its maturity, you may surrender the diamond as full payment.

Why Take Out a Loan on Your Diamond?


Whether an unexpected medical bill or car repair has you in a sticky situation, a diamond jewelry loan may be able to save you. Diamond prices have been steady for quite some time now, so it's well known that they have value and will continue to in the future. That being said, it's safe to say that diamonds have the ability to get you cash. Say you have a diamond ring and you don’t want to sell it but you need cash.  Simply stop by our store so we can value your diamond ring and give you cash. You no longer have to sell you diamonds and we never run credit checks!


What Type of Diamonds Will You Accept?

We loan on all types of diamonds such as: diamond necklaces, diamond earrings, diamond rings, diamond watches, diamond tennis bracelets, diamond pendants, and loose diamonds.  Basically, we will loan on any type of diamond without regard for cut, clarity, karat, or color. Diamonds have always been of value, and we are here to help you get the money you deserve.

With that said, the cut, clarity, carat, and color are known as the 4 C's. In other words, they are the four factors examined to appraise a diamond. Because how each criteria rates may significantly increase the amount we can secure to lend. Any paperwork or certifications you may have acquired during the initial purchase of the diamond will also assist us in getting you most money for your diamonds

Why Should You Pawn Diamonds at North Scottsdale Loan & Gold?


North Scottsdale Loan & Gold has been in business over 30 years loaning money on all types of diamonds.  We invest in diamonds, we believe in diamonds, and we loan the most on diamonds because we understand that diamonds have a lot of value. We have the experience, knowledge, and cash to give you the most cash for all of your diamonds.

Our Pawn Shop Offers Diamond Loans Scottsdale TRUSTS.

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