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Get  cash loans in mere minutes at North Scottsdale Loan and Gold.  When you’re in need of emergency money in Phoenix, Tempe, or Scottsdale, we offer the help needed. A pawn loan is a safe and secure alternative to get out of a financial situation.  Although other emergency cash loans claim to offer financial relief, it is anything but.  They're actually setting you back with exorbitant interest rates.  Getting a cash pawn loan with us allows you to utilize your valuables as collateral and having a 90 day window to pay back the loan.  Therefore, you can satisfy the loan on your own terms within the duration.  Let’s take a look at how our cash loans work.

Pawn Loans

Pawning valuables is otherwise known as collateral loans.  Instead of getting a cash loan on credit, or on a paycheck, you present a valuable item of yours as collateral.  This can range from gold jewelry, silver jewelry, electronics, cell phones, computers, diamonds, or even your vehicle.

A collateral loan, by Arizona law, is a cash loan written out for a period of ninety days.  It starts when you bring your valuables down to our pawn shop. Because we can appraise them and figure out what a fair selling price for them is.  As a result, our associate presents an offer of cash to loan to you.  Therefore, when you accept, we’ll put cash right in your hand.  During the loan's duration, your item is locked in our safe, secure storage facility.  Furthermore, your item stays back there and is never handled, used, or touched.  So what’re you waiting for?  Come down for a valuation on our item today.  Our appraisals are free of charge and there's no obligation to accept our offer.


Repaying Cash Loans is Quick and Simple

You are welcome to repay the loan prior to the 90 days, with no prepayment penalty whatsoever.  In the end, you pay back the principal along with the interest accrued to that date.  However, if you need more time to repay the loan, North Scottsdale Loan and Gold can offer you an extension.  With paying just the accrued interest up to that point, we will write up another contract for 90 days.  Simple as that, folks!  No matter if it’s bullion, jewelry, coins, instruments, or power tools, we can help!

The Process

It all starts when you come into North Scottsdale Loan and Gold with your assets.  There’s no scheduling needed, no phone calls, and no applications.  Just drop on by and we can write out the cash loan on the spot.  Most importantly, bring more than one item to ensure you get the amount you want.  We can always loan less but not more.  Therefore, we want to make sure we get you the help you need.  Furthermore, as a cautionary tell, only accept the amount you need, rather than the full amount.  Because interest rates can catch people by surprise, and we’re trying to help you, not put you further in the hole.


Still curious?  Check out our other pages for all the stuff we take!  We’re a unique pawn shop in that we literally take any and all items of value you might have.  If you’re curious about the appraisal process, check out our other pages:


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If you’re in Scottsdale, Tempe, or Phoenix and need a fast cash loan on anything of value—North Scottsdale Loan and Gold is here to help you. You can get fast cash in mere minutes at our Scottsdale pawn shop.

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