Diamond Testing at North Scottsdale Loan & Gold

diamond testing to assess their value at North Scottsdale Loan & GoldIf you have ever seen a natural diamond and a synthetic diamond next to each other, it can seem surreal.  Because there are diamond gemstones that are man made, yet emulate a diamond that is mined.  That’s due to these stones, created in a lab, are also made of carbon.  Yet they are made in less time, with more fire and brilliance at times, in a controlled environment.  Therefore, making it more of a challenge to determine which stone is the genuine diamond and which is not.

At North Scottsdale Loan & Gold we are the premier pawn shop, equipped to extend our services for diamond testing, free of charge.  Whether you have a diamond setting, or loose diamonds, it determines if it’s a  moissanite stone or a mined diamond.

The Reason There is a Need for Diamond Testing

Diamond Testing - The brilliance of Natural Diamonds Comes From Time, Pressure, Heat and Patience It takes extraordinary pressure, immense heat, over a mile below the earth’s surface and more than a billion years for carbon atoms to form a diamond.   This perfect culmination of extreme conditions (heat, pressure, depth and time), creates a beautiful fiery brilliance.  It may be replicated, but it will never be replaced.  Natural diamonds are considered a Type I Diamond.

Synthetic diamonds are made of the same chemical composition as a real diamond is.  However, they are created in the controlled atmosphere of a lab. These stones are also known as Carbon Vapor Deposition (CVD).  And, although they may be as durable, and emulate the same optics as a natural diamond, they are not valued the same.   CVD diamonds are considered a Type II a Diamond.

The difference in the two is with natural diamonds, there is a presence of nitrogen and its impurities.  That is where the variance of colors stems from.  Whereas, CVD diamonds are not subjected to nitrogen or boron, and lack a colored hue.  There are natural diamonds that are colorless, but are the rarest diamonds of all.

Gemologis Vista Diamond Segregator – Diamond Testing

At North Scottsdale Loan & Gold, we have a Gemologis Vista Diamond Segregator on site to test your diamonds.  Whether they are in jewelry setting, or are loose diamonds, this handheld device’s platform accommodates multiple shapes and sizes.  Our diamond tester can analyze diamonds that are .02 – 12 Carats in size,  with a 92.5% accuracy.

The testing takes mere minutes, and delivers a clear and concise answer of the analysis instantly.  You will no longer have to question whether any or all of your diamonds are earth-mined or lab-grown.

We welcome Phoenix and Scottsdale residents alike, to come on in to North Scottsdale Loan & Gold with your jewelry and take advantage of our diamond testing.