The John Hardy Cufflink Buyer


John Hardy jewelry represents some of the finest men's jewelry in the world. Therefore these dignified and elegant cufflinks for men are among the most desirable.  In addition, their eternal brilliance is matched with eternal value.  At North Scottsdale Loan & Gold, we give you the most cash to be your John Hardy Cufflink Buyer.

Established in 1975, John Hardy jewelry is among the youngest of the world's fine jewelry houses. Each piece is handcrafted to reflect the complex and refined worldly elements. The distinct patterns and colors of each cufflink create a connection between them and their owner. Because they are remarkable yet often unpredictable, like the world in which we live. Likewise, the cufflinks are a bridge from the world that we know and the world that the wearer works to create.

John Hardy jewelry is comprised of gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals. However, some cufflinks feature sapphires and other gemstones to give them a touch of added brilliance. Therefore, it is these elements, combined with the quality craftsmanship, that give John Hardy cufflinks their inherent value.

Preparing to Sell John Hardy Cufflinks


It is always advisable to polish your jewelry to remove any blemishes that may be on the surface. In addition, it is also a good idea to ensure that the settings and stones are secure. In the end, doing so will enhance the loan value of the piece.  Most importantly, bringing them in their original box and receipts from their purchase increase their value and our offer.


Selling Your Cufflinks


Our team of experienced jewelry appraisers will carefully inspect your cufflinks to determine their value. Among the factors that influence the value of the set are the item's production quantity, condition, age and composition. Once the cufflinks have been carefully assessed, we will present you with an offer. This simple and straightforward process makes it easy for you to sell your John Hardy cufflinks.

We invite you to contact North Scottsdale Loan and Gold at (480) 443-4653 to learn more about the ways we make it easy to be your John Hardy cufflink buyer. We will be happy to answer your questions and discuss the pawn process from start to finish when you call.

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