Haute Couture

We Provide Luxury Designer Authentication

At North Scottsdale Loan and Gold, we deal in a great deal of both luxury and designer goods.  From handbags to wallets to purses, designer accessories are no stranger to us.  It’s no question that the greatest fear of buyers is getting a fake, or having purchased a fake.  We can help you alleviate those fears either before or after you buy a luxury item through our authentication service.  We provide the services of luxury designer authentication for just about any item and brand you have in Scottsdale.


Items We Authenticate

We can do a wide variety of items and brands.  If you’ve bought it, we can authenticate it at North Scottsdale Loan and Gold.  If you’re about to buy a luxury or designer handbag, wallet, or purse, or have already bought one, spend the small fee and get it authenticated with us.

Our fee for our Scottsdale authentication services are only $40 per item from the following brands:


For Hermes items, please call in ahead as the pricing varies depending on the type and material of the item.


Getting Your Item Authenticated

If you’re looking to have an item authenticated, then reach out to us now!  You can use our live chat at the bottom right of the screen, text us at (480) 422-1826, or just come on down to the store.  Authenticating luxury or designer items only takes about 15-30 minutes, and we’re happy to authenticate items for customers from Phoenix, Tempe, or Scottsdale seven days a week.


Get Cash at the Same Time

While we’re happy to authenticate your luxury goods, you also have the option to sell or get a loan against them also.  With them being authenticated, we can check their worth and either pay you cash for them, or even get you a loan against them which is good for 90 days.  Having your items authenticated at North Scottsdale Loan and Gold gets you this option and allows you to have access to that cash at any point in the future should you need it.  Selling or pawning designer/luxury items is the best fast track to putting cash in your pocket in Scottsdale, Tempe, and Phoenix.




So what’re you waiting for?