Pawn Apple iPad for a Cash Loan


Apple iPads have gone through a ton of generations, and have even seen spinoffs like the iPad Mini along the years.  With the advances in technology over the last decade, the features within the devices have also gotten larger and more advanced to include things like the Retina display and sharper resolutions.  When financial distress strikes, it’s easy to feel regret for all the expensive things you purchased when you had money.  There’s no reason to sell your iPad just because you’ve hit tough times, though.  At North Scottsdale Loan and Gold, you can pawn Apple iPads and get cash without having to give up possession of your tablet.  In as little as five minutes, we can put cash right back into your pocket.

Cash iPad Loans


The loan process on iPads, tablets, and electronics, in general, is quick and as easy as can be.  Most customers are in and out of our Scottsdale pawn shop in as little as five minutes!  It’s vital to get an accurate quote when pawning your iPad that you bring the device and any accessories down to the store.  First, any additional Apple iPad accessories help us increase the value of your cash loan, and second, our expert pawnbrokers need to see the device to see its condition and test it before we can commit to a value.  If you’d like to get a ballpark estimate for a pawn loan, then feel free to use our live chat at the bottom of the screen.  We can get you over to our Scottsdale pawn shop, and have the documents ready to go upon your arrival.

The only requirements we have to loan on an Apple iPad is to see the device in person obviously, and that you have a valid identification card.  Past that, the only process that our employees go through is a thorough but quick test of all its most basic features.  We’ll typically test the Internet, verify it can play video and music, and other essentials before we complete the loan.  Other than that, with just a few signatures, you’re off on your way with cash in hand and we’ll store your iPad in a safe, secure, and monitored location.

Repaying Loan When You Pawn iPad is Flexible


No matter if you’re from Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, or Phoenix, we believe in flexibility when it comes to repaying Apple iPad pawn loans. All cash loans are written for a period of ninety days but can be repaid at any point before that day which will also save you money in interest. Financial issues are turbulent, however, and will sometimes take far longer than ninety days to resolve. Come the ninetieth day if you’re simply not ready to repay the iPad loan in full, then no problem.

All we ask at North Scottsdale Loan and Gold is that you repay the interest in full up to that point but you don’t need to pay back the principal. We’ll extend the pawn loan for another ninety days, no questions asked at all, allowing you additional time to get yourself back on your feet. Pawning Apple iPads at our Scottsdale pawn shop is the quickest and securest way to put cash in your pocket without having to sell your iPad. Come in seven days a week for a free quote.

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