The Rolex Cellini

Rolex Cellini Watch & ReviewAbout the Rolex Cellini

The classic design of the Rolex Cellini watch collection has been attracting the attention of timepiece enthusiasts for many years. At a glance, it is easy to see why individuals find these magnificent watches hard to resist. Every aspect of this collection showcases Rolex’s enduring dedication and commitment to quality. And, every detail has been considered. Plus, the smooth design lines and simple dials ensure the Rolex Cellini will remain in style for generations to come.

Watch History

The Rolex Cellini was named to honor Benvenuto Cellini. This respected Florentine goldsmith, sculptor and musician lived from 1500-1571. While these timepieces call to mind the rich history of the Italian Renaissance, they also reflect the finely-drawn modern sensibilities of today. Since designs follow Divine Proportion and Golden Section principles, the watches are wonderfully balanced, proportioned and appealing.

The Rolex Cellini Prince was first produced in 1928. It was the first Rolex made in large numbers to receive chronometric certification.

The pleasing beauty of the Cellini watch collection adds lasting integrity to the passage of each moment. The Rolex Cellini offers an understated elegance that sets it apart from other watches on the market. In fact, the Rolex believes this watch collection has the ability to capture the magic of time. Its lustrous and polished lines distinguish it from many of the more casual or sporty models offered in the Rolex family.

Size and Weight

Rolex Cellini watches are available in a variety of gorgeous precious metals, including 18 carat yellow, white and Everose gold. Depending on the model, sizes can vary. For example, they can run approximately 32 to 35mm in diameter, 6 to 12mm thick, and weigh 36 to 109g. 

Distinct Features

This versatile watch collection can fit almost any client’s personal style and taste. There are currently four central models: The Cellini Prince, The Cellini Time, The Cellini Date, and The Cellini Dual. Older models include the Danaos, the Cestello and the Cellissimo. Fortunately, individuals can easily find a watch that suits their taste. And, each model has many beautiful and important distinctions.

The options, features and qualities of Rolex Cellini watches can sometimes seem as delightfully unique as the individuals who select them. For example, many include elegant alligator straps and polished gold buckles. Some of them may also showcase a convenient date function on a small sub-dial. And, some have two time zone displays and a striking sun and moon day/night indicator. Cellini models are made with both quartz and mechanical movements. In addition, the model and serial numbers engraved on the case back.

Rolex Cellini Price and Model Details

The price of a Rolex Cellini watch can differ from one watch to another. It often depends on the model, features and conditions of each watch. For example, pre-owned models can start at approximately $7,000. New Rolex Cellini watches can run more than $20,000.

Here are several model numbers:

971, 1343, 1527

3362, 3937

4112, 4113, 4223, 4233, 4243

5115, 5116, 5241, 5330

6110, 6229, 6311, 6321, 6621

6623, 6628, 6673, 6691, 6692, 6693

ComplicationsRolex Cellini

The Rolex Cellini Dual Time displays a second time zone. Lined with gold like the larger dial, at 6 there is a sub dial with a second pair of hands that allows for you to keep record of an over seas time or your home time while traveling. The minute hand of the sub-dial is connected to the main minute hand, while the hour hand rotates on par with the allocated time zone. There is a day and night indicator located on the 9 in the sub-dual, showing you whether it is day or night in the specified time zone. A moon is displayed when it is night time in the allocated time zone and a sun shows when it is day.

Famous Rolex Cellini Clients

Since Cellini timepieces add grace and charm to almost any occasion, many renowned individuals choose to wear Rolex Cellini watches. For example, Venezuelan native Gustavo Dudamel, the musical director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, owns a Cellini. The understated beauty and integrity of these classic watches can easily become a welcome addition to any individual’s collection.