How Does a Gold Loan Work?

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Getting the cash you need couldn't be easier. You simply bring us your gold and our trained professionals will test it for purity, weight it,  and give you a price. If you agree you will receive cash within the matter of minutes. Any lending on gold is for 90-days where you would pay back the principal plus interest within that time frame. You could also pay back just the interest which would renew your loan for another 90-days. If you can’t pay back the gold loan in full at its maturity, you may surrender the gold as full payment with no further obligation on your part.

A Gold Loan is the Option to Utilize the Equity & Get it Back in the End


Prices are rising, which means more money for you. Simple as that. If you need cash, but don't want to sell it and have it be gone forever, it's a good idea to use our lending services. Simply stop by our store so we can value your gold. We would then write up a 90-day loan and you would receive cash. This way, you can get the money you need, but still be able to keep your gold!

What Forms of Gold Do We Accept?

Pawn Your Gold at North Scottsdale Loan & Gold


North Scottsdale Loan & Gold will lend on any and all types of gold. We will give loans on everything including gold chains, gold rings, gold watches (working or not), broken or damaged gold jewelry, estate jewelry, dental gold, gold brooches, gold pendants, gold cufflinks, and gold earrings. No matter what condition the gold is in, we can assess its worth and put cash in your hand.

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North Scottsdale Loan & Gold and its affiliated companies has been in business over 20 years buying and lending on all types of gold. We have the knowledge, experience, and cash to make you want to come back and see us, therefore, you can be sure you are getting the most money for your gold. We will make sure to store your gold properly in our high-security safe so that you trust us in the future.



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