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North Scottsdale Loan and Gold, Scottsdale’s leading pawn shop! We will offer the most to buy gold jewelry Scottsdale!.  Because we’re experts with all gold jewelry including gold rings, gold earrings, and gold necklaces.  Our gold prices are updated daily according to the global trading.  So consequently, this means you can rest assured that you’re always getting the most cash possible for your gold jewelry.  Visit North Scottsdale Loan and Gold for a free quote, and leave with fast cash in mere minutes.  Let’s check out the gold jewelry buying process.

Evaluating Gold Jewelry


So what dictates how much cash you get?  Obviously, it’s how much the gold jewelry appraises for.  This is where the importance of having a true professional comes into play.  From gold necklaces to gold earrings – our associates have dealt with hundreds if not thousands of pieces of gold jewelry meaning that they know what they’re talking about.  The main piece of information that dictates the price of your gold is its karat.  This is not to be confused with carat (with a c!) as that is used for describing diamond weight.  When referring to gold, karat indicates the purity.  This combined with the weight of the gold jewelry is what actually gets you the appraisal.

The karat of your average gold jewelry will range from 10 karat to 18 karats.  You can typically identify this yourself by looking closely for what jeweler’s call a “stamp”.  This is usually in a place where you wouldn’t normally look like the inside of a ring, or on the clasp of earrings and necklaces and will say “xx KT”.  While we will test the jewelry ourselves, these stamps are typically pretty accurate.  At the lowest karat count, a jewelry piece will be 41.7% pure and at the high end 75%.


We buy gold jewelry



Valuating the Gems and Weight


The last consideration is precious gemstones that might be in the jewelry such as rubies, sapphires, or diamonds.  Unfortunately, despite popular belief, diamonds are the only precious gem that actually have resale value.  What will happen if you have jewelry pieces with these, they won’t be taken into consideration when selling gold jewelry.  If you want some information on how we appraise diamond jewelry, check out our page here.

So, finally, the most important part of the appraisal is the weight of the jewelry itself.  How we use this weight is to multiply by what our price per gram per karat is for that day.  As stated up above, we adjust our prices daily based on what the global trading price of gold is for that day.  We take this price, multiply it by how many grams you have, and you’ve got a cash appraisal for your jewelry!  Should you let us be your gold jewelry buyer, and you accept our cash offer, we’ll collect a few signatures from you, then slap cold, hard cash right into your hand.  This is why North Scottsdale Loan and Gold has been the top gold jewelry buyer in Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale and will continue to be for years after.



We Buy Gold Jewelry Scottsdale for Cash?


All of it!  The beauty in precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum is that the worth is not always in that it’s jewelry, but in the fact that it’s a valuable material.  Going back thousands of years we can see that gold has always been a standard of value, and that’s no different at Scottsdale’s best pawn shop.  Take a look at our other pages and you’ll see that anything gold related, we buy:

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This even extends to scrap pieces of gold.  Maybe you have some broken pieces of gold jewelry, or just one gold earring out of a set, we will pay cash for it!!  In Tempe, Scottsdale, or Phoenix ,North Scottsdale Loan and Gold is the only place to trust when selling gold.

So what’re you waiting for?If you need fast cash, let us be your jewelry buyer in Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale. We’re more than happy to offer free quotes/estimates as well if you’d like to just pop on by as well.