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North Scottsdale Loan and Gold has been the premiere place to sell diamond jewelry for well over a decade. Although the years our dedicated staff have over 25 years expertise and skills of our associates are . The appropriate valuation of diamond jewelry is perhaps the most important step in the entire process.  Because a proper valuation leads you to a more accurate selling price.  Therefore, our highly trained and skilled associates confidently provide the highest cash offers in town.

Our employees have extensive knowledge and are professional.  Therefore they are dedicated to assessing diamonds accurately.  When selling diamond jewelry, we're the only pawn shop to turn to.  Let's look at the valuation process.

Selling Diamond Jewelry Begins with the Valuation

When coming up with an accurate value for diamond jewelry, there's specific things that can add to your cash offer

  • certifications or paperwork that came with the diamond jewelry
  • the original box or packaging it came in 
  • the receipt from the date of purchase

The 4 C's of Diamonds & Appraisals

When you bring your diamond jewelry down to North Scottsdale Loan and Gold, our associate will be inspecting it for the four C's: Cut, color, clarity, and carat.  Each of these aspects are important to determine an offer on the diamond setting in your jewelry.

  1. Cut - This is just what shape the diamond is in, and this can make the cash value of the jewelry piece swing wildly.  Typically, you'll find Emerald cuts at the bottom of this spectrum and Round Brilliants at the top.  You can refer to this chart if you're curious about the different cuts and what they look like.
  2. Color Although there are various  colors a diamond has, some are more common than others.  The color spectrum ranges from a brown tint to a clear or white diamond.  
  3. Clarity - This has to do with blemishes on the face of the diamond, any inclusions inside the ring (these would be chips or defects located within the stone).  This is usually done with a loupe which is a kind of magnification device that lets us see inside the ring.
  4. Carat Also known as the size of the diamond.  This considers the length along with the depth of the diamond.

After that is all done, the diamond appraisal tabulates the four aspects and references the fair market value of the diamond(s).  

Let's forego to the precious metal's value now...

Assessing the Gold, Platinum or Silver is Next

With diamond settings in jewelry, no matter the metal(s) used for the piece, they are assessed separately.

Each jewelry piece has an indiscreet hallmark aka hidden stamp noting the purity of the precious metal. However, gold is the one metal that is divided into 24 karats, or parts.  The most common and affordable to buy is 10k or 41.7% pure gold.  14k is 58% and the purest gold you can get is 24k or 99.9%.  We have a certified test kit that allows us to test flakes of your gold accordingly to validate its hallmark.

Platinum varies between 85% - 99.9% purity and Silver from 80% - 99.9%, but the value of platinum is more than gold, with silver having the least of monetary value.  These metals also are tested with acid drop on the sample we acquire with a special stone. 

After that the metal is weighed and the spot price is checked for the current market price.  Each alloy's pricing is in grams, ounces and kilograms.  


Selling Diamonds is a Three Step Process

 Many of us are led to believe that the worth of our wedding ring is solely based on the diamond. However, that is not so in most cases. The precious metal that holds the diamond and is the jewelry formed itself is where a lot of the valuation derives from. The value of your ring is made up of each of these appraisals added together.  Visiting North Scottsdale Loan and Gold you ensure you're getting an accurate appraisal and the most money for your jewelry.

Appraising the diamond is the lengthiest portion of the entire appraisal process, and the one that requires a true expert's touch in order to truly get its full value.  Many pawn shops, lacking this expertise, are afraid of missing many of the finer details so undercut the cash value to avoid losing money.  Having decades of expertise, we're able to properly appraise these diamonds to get you the most cash.

All of our assessments are free of charge, and there is never any obligation to accept our offers!


The Final Step: The Selling Process

With all of this information in mind, we'll make you a cold, hard cash offer on the spot.  This is the exact dollar amount you'll walk out of our store with.  Upon accepting our offer we'll collect a few signatures first, to complete the sale.  In the end, you will have the cash you need and you'll be on your way out the door. 

Come visit our North Scottsdale Loan and Gold location today for a free quote on your diamond earrings, diamond rings, diamond bracelets, or just diamonds in general.

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