Halfway Done with 2018! North Scottsdale Loan and Gold

June 1, 2018 - 4 minutes read

Halfway Done with 2018!

We’re now into June of 2018; the sixth month of the year and the halfway point as well! During this time, the Summer heat is in full swing, school for most children is out around this month, and college grads begin their final summer and head towards their next chapters in their adult life. Also, we at North Scottsdale Loan and Gold are ready for June with some of our finest products and services.

Our Pawn Loans Can Get You Further Than Halfway!

Naturally, we are a pawn shop, so we offer pawn loans for items you may own. From electronics (like computers), to watches, to musical instruments, to gold, to diamonds and more. If you need a spot of cash for the summer, then we’re the place to stop by! The length of time needed to pay back the loan essentially lasts up to 90 days, and you can pay it back anytime sooner. And possibly then, be in a better position than expected!

Get Some New Tech or New Jewelry for Your Summer Wardrobe

Not interested yet in our pawn loans? Then why not check out our wares. Just like with our pawn loans, we have plenty of inventory to choose from: computers, bikes, guitars, even video games. We’re the kind of buyer for just about most things of value. In fact, in our decade plus history, we’ve seen just about what the Valley has to offer aside from homes themselves.

Meeting our Customers Halfway with Loan Extensions

A common misconception is that we come after costumers that don’t pay their loans. While it may be true for larger loans, for the average loan we simply use the item held with us for collateral. At this point, the loan is essentially paid. Now there are times that customers need more time to get the money they need. Based on that scenario, we simply request they pay the interest up front and we can see to extending the loan for a set amount of time. Naturally, this requires us to rewrite a new loan amount that must be repaid. The purpose of pawn loans is to be a financial safety net, not a crutch. Eventually, we’ll need to have the debt repaid. We’ll meet you halfway if you will do the same.

So North Scottsdale Loan and Gold is a Good Halfway Point for Deals?

Yes, it is. We’ve offered many types of services over the years to suit our customers’ needs. And we will continue to find ways to better serve them. Remember, we want to be the halfway point to a better year for you this year. Because of this desire, we have customers from all parts of the Valley: Scottsdale, Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa, and more visit our store. So don’t think this isn’t a wise investment to stop by our store. You may be pleasantly surprised what North Scottsdale Loan and Gold can do for you!