Get Quick Cash for Summer Fun in Scottsdale!

May 18, 2017 - 3 minutes read

Get Quick Cash for Summer Fun

Summer. The one time of the year where the Valley of the Sun begins to shine; brighter, hotter, longer. It in this time of year that some of the most memorable events take place; lazing around the Salt River, hitting up Sunsplash, or taking your family and/or friends on a road-trip that will be memorable. Just one thing that may turn your vacation to a staycation, and that’s money. Well, consider that problem solved! North Scottsdale Loans and Gold is here to give you the most out of your summer this year of 2017!

How Can a Pawn Shop Help Make This Summer Fun?

Well for starters, Valley resident can visit our store just to GET OUT OF THE HEAT. While you may partake of what we have in store on the inside, come back and let’s get your plans going with some pawn loans. Bring items to the store that have significant loan-to-value and we’ll provide cash based on that loan-to-value. The great thing about our loans is that they last for 90 days. More than enough to enjoy the summer with. If you need more time to cover the cost of the loan, simply contact us and pay only the interest to extend the duration.

What sort of items are acceptable to North Scottsdale Loan?

This is a frequently asked question that we receive from our customers; here a small list of what we normally get loans on:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Diamonds
  • Jewelry
  • Title Loans (via our partner Phoenix Title Loans)
  • Electronic Devices (laptops, TVs, PCs, Gaming Consoles)

These are the more common types of loans we’ve done over the years, but as time progresses, so do people’s need for money. That’s why we encourage contacting us beforehand to see if we will take in the item you have in your possession. You’ll be surprised of how we respond.

Still, why a PAWN SHOP, and why North Scottsdale Loan and Gold?

Your skepticism is understandable. It’s natural to be wary of pawn shops; but back in the Old West it was the original form of barter. We carry on that spirit of barter to our customers here in the Valley. In fact, we have been in successful business for over the past decade. This means we have gain a significant amount of trust from customers in the past. We plan to continue to uphold that trust this summer and the summers to come.

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