Pawn Shop for WatchesPawn Shop For Watches

Are you trying to find a pawn shop for watches? If so, look no further! North Scottsdale Loan and Gold is known as the best watch shop in Scottsdale! We have a great selection of watches ranging from Nixon and Casio to Rolex, Tag Heuer, and Breitling.

All of our luxury watches for sell come with the original box and original authentication papers, assuring authenticity. Whether you are looking to sell, pawn, or buy a new or used watch – North Scottsdale Loan and Gold is the place for you!

How to Pawn a Watch Scottsdale

In order to pawn your watch there are a couple of things that you will need. First, you will need to have the watch present, for a proper assessment of it’s authenticity.  And bring with you any receipts or paperwork with you to help validate its authenticity.  Lastly, you will also need a valid Drivers License in order to pawn or sell your watch.

When looking to pawn a watch in Scottsdale, it can be tricky to find a store to give you the money you deserve. North Scottsdale Loan & Gold is known across the valley for being the premier luxury watch dealer. When you visit us, we will always give you a fair loan, at a great rate.

In order to get the most value out of your watch, bring in any paperwork that you received at the time of purchase as well as any previous maintenance paperwork. This will assist our experts in giving you the most cash possible for your Rolex, Breitling, or other luxury watch pawn.

After assessing the authenticity and condition of the watch, we will agree on a price. From that point, you’ll have cash in your hands within minutes!

Sell Used Watch Scottsdale

When looking for a pawn shop that buys used watches, skip the search and come straight to North Scottsdale Loan & Gold. We offer more cash for used luxury watches than any of our competitors. The process for selling a luxury watch is nearly identical to that of a luxury watch loan. First, one of our experts will authenticate your watch. Then we will negotiate, and agree on a price. The original box and paperwork will always increase the value of your watch significantly.  So, bring it all with you and the watch, down to our store.

We’re known for being a:

Best Watch Dealer in Scottsdale

Around town, we’re known as the best store to buy a used watch in Scottsdale! We have all makes and models and invite you to shop with us for your personal timepiece.