From a sign in a museum not permitting high heeled shoes, Christian Louboutin realized he never saw shoes like that.  Hence, as a teenage boy he started sketching shoes he envisioned.  Christian Louboutin brought his dreams to fruition, when his line of footwear for women was launched in 1990.  Along with his red-sole signature in 1993, Louboutin has expanded his line to women’s handbags and men’s shoes as well.  North Scottsdale Loan and Gold is your local Christian Louboutin expert.  Bring down your accessories and pawn Christian Louboutin items for the most cash possible!

We offer cash loans on the following Christian Louboutin accessories with a fair market value of $200 or more:

  • Purses
    • Tote Bags & Cross-Body Bags
    • Handbags & Evening Bags
    • Belt Bags & Mini Bags
  • Leather Goods
    • Belts
    • Wallets
    • Phone Cases
    • Pouches
  • Women’s & Men’s Shoes

Appraisals to Cash Offers

A cash offer depends tremendously on a valuable’s appraisal.  North Scottsdale Loan and Gold knows this truth.  That is why we invest in technological advances and having an amazing staff. It gives us the ability to confidently assess valuables and offer the most cash to our customers.

To start a valuation of your Christian Louboutin, we ensure your items are authentic.  If you have any certificates, receipts, and/or original box from your purchase, please bring them with you.  Each of those items validate your items and add to their value.  Whether you have them or not, we can authenticate your Christian Louboutin with using Entrupy.  This application allows us to verify haute couture designers in as little as 15 minutes. 

Once the authentication is completed, we inspect the condition of your valuables.  This is to make sure there are no scuffs or scratches that would affect the value.  After that, we refer to fair market value to compare what the going price is for that resale item.  With all of these factors into consideration, we present you with the cash offer on a pawn loan. 


Finalizing the Loan

All of our valuations from North Scottsdale Loan and Gold are complimentary.  Neither are you obligated to accept our cash offer.  Although we are confident that our cash offers exceed all others, but we understand if you wish to get a second opinion.     

Our cash to loan program does not require any proof of employment, no credit checks or proof of income.  Upon acceptance of our offer, we will need a valid ID and a few signatures to complete the paperwork.  After all that is said and done, the counting of our cash offer commences.  From the appraisal to counting out your stack of cash can take as little as 20 minutes!

While you are in the process of satisfying your loan, we will keep your valuables safe and secure inside our locked vault.

Click on the bottom right to connect with us via live chat.  An associate can answer any questions and start the process before you arrive at our store.

Or text us at (480) 422-1826 and we can answer your questions 24/7.


Terms of a Christian Louboutin Pawn Loan

All pawn loans are for 90 days.  If you satisfy the loan prior to the 60th day, your amount due will include a redemption discount.  Therefore, lessening the out of pocket cost to you to claim your belongings. 

If you are unable to pay it off within the term of the contract, we do offer an option.  With only paying the interest accrued to date, we can extend the loan for another 90 days.  Once you satisfy the loan, we hand you back your valuables the same day and the same condition you brought them into us!


Sell Christian Louboutin for the Most Cash

If you prefer to sell your Christian Louboutin for a cash offer than get a collateral loan, we can oblige!  We're happy to just pay cash outright for your Christian Louboutin designer goods no questions asked!  If you'd rather not have to worry about repaying the loan, then we can make it happen!  We also are open for you to sell or pawn your Prada, Louis Vuitton, and Versace items or collection. 

North Scottsdale Loan and Gold continues to offer the most cash possible to our surrounding residents, like it has for over a decade!  The communities of North Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Cave Creek know we are the pawn shop they can rely on!

So what’re you waiting for?